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This article addresses attachment limits for articles and posts.

Individual articles support images and attachments up to 20MB in size per file/image upload. The image size limit for Community posts and comments is 2MB.

How many attachments are allowed per article?

There is no established limit to the number of attachments allowed on an article. As a best practice, however, it is not recommend attaching a large number of files to any article. In this case, you might want to use a cloud-storage program and link users to a publicly accessible folder there.

Is there a limit to the overall storage associated with an article?

There is no established limit to the overall storage allotted to any given article. However, slowness and unpredictability may occur with a large number of files of a large size. The best approach would be to use a cloud-storage solution. Please keep in mind that our Help Center is designed to be a Knowledge Base solution, not a file distribution system.

You can access article attachments using the REST API.

This article, by way of example, has two sample attachments.

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