Promoting an article

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Vera Yang

You can promote articles in a section to draw attention to them. When you promote an article, it moves to the top of the articles list within its section and is usually given a special visual treatment (for example, a star icon).

Promoted articles always appear at the top of the section, regardless of the sorting option chosen. Promoted articles might also appear by default on the home page, depending on your chosen theme.

Promoted article

To promote an article

  1. Navigate to the article, then click Edit article in the top menu bar.

    Edit article

  2. Click Promote article in the article’s sidebar.

    Promote article

  3. Click Save.

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  • Comment author
    Michelle Perkins

    How do we change the color and appearance of the promoted article icon?

  • Comment author
    Jess Bezos

    The icon itself can be changed in the page templates by replacing it with another SVG icon. Consider using a website like The Noun Project to find another one. The color can be easily changed using text color utilities.